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What's Bugging You?

If you've seen bugs scampering in your kitchen, bath, cupboards or drawers, chances are that your home is infested with uninvited visitors! For every pest you see, there are hundreds more hiding where you can't see them.

Pests in and around your home do not indicate bad housekeeping. No matter how clean, no home is immune from pest infestations. Our beautiful climate provides growth opportunities for all plants and animals-including pests. All it takes is food, water and heat.

The various pests which can invade your home can destroy your property, carry diseases, and inconvenience you. The destruction rodents, clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish and crickets can do is surprising. And the nuisance ants, earwigs and spiders create is all too obvious.

In today's modern society, there is no reason for you to accept these pests as house guests. Pest Control provides services which are safe, professional, inexpensive, and far superior to do-it-yourself methods.

American Cockroach
Usually shy, nocturnal creatures. Contaminate Food. Can aggravate allergies. Found in dark, moist areas and wherever food is stored or prepared.
German Cockroach
German cockroach reproduces rapidly.
Brown Banded Cockroach
Brown Banded cockroach lives in warm, relatively dry areas.
Oriental Cockroach
Oriental cockroach moves inside homes in fall and prefers cool, moist areas.
Crazy Ant
Attracted by sweet or greasy foods.
Fire Ant
Colonies nest in soil and in voids like hollow doors and walls.
Pharaoh Ant
Very small and difficult to control, nest throughout structures.
Carpenter Ant
Destroys wood. Usually found in moist wood. Reproductives have wings.
Make an annoying noise in large numbers. Found primarily outdoors, but can move inside.
Brown Dog Tick
Feeds in ears, between toes and on backs of dogs. Hides in pet bedding and behind baseboards. Bites people.
Deer Tick
May carry Lyme disease, which can be debilitating to humans and pets. Very small, less than 1/8". Found near deer and mice habitats.
Active at night, hidden in mulch during the day. Scavenges on dead plant and animal material. Found in cool, damp ground cover.
Normally found outdoors in damp places, but can migrate into basements and first floor rooms.
Eats paper, fabric and cereals.
Like damp places. Frequently invade damp basements, crawl spaces and potted plants. Pillbug rolls into a ball when disturbed. Sowbug cannot.
Most species hide in cracks, dark areas or webs. May bite if disturbed. Black Widow and Brown Recluse species are poisonous.
Cat Flea
Found on pets, near pet areas and in carpet. Reproduces rapidly. Can cause irritating bites.
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